Changes In Fees

The Board of Engineering advises of the following changes in its fee structure:

Application Fees

Current: $200.00

Registration Fees

With Traditional Stamp: $850.00
With Self-Inking Stamp: $1200.00


Cost of Traditional Stamp: $200.00
Cost of Self-Inking Stamp: $600.00


The current Practice Fees are as follows:

Members of APETT: $700.00
Non APETT: $825.00
Retired Persons: 50% of the above
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Eng. Leo Martin (Chairman)
Eng. Prof. Winston Mellowes
Eng. Prof. Clement Imbert


Eng. Jerry Medford (Chairman)
Eng. Alvin Lutchman
Eng. David Bartholomew
Eng. Lawford Dupres

Policy for Accreditation and Assessment

Eng. Imtiaz Hosein
Eng. Prof. Winston Mellowes
Eng. Prof. Clement Imbert
Eng. Prof. Timothy Lewis
Eng. Jerry Medford
Eng. Leo Martin

Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee is appointed by the Board and called upon if and when allegation of misconduct or breach of the Code of Ethics by a registered engineer has occurred and to advise on whether there are any grounds for disciplinary proceedings being brought against such registered engineer.

Members of the Disciplinary Committee are appointed on a case by case basis.

Committees on which the Board has named Registered Engineers
to collaborate with the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards -

Electrical Code

Eng. Alvin Lutchman (Chairman)
Eng. Lyndon Lindsay
Eng. Merlyn Ramjohn
Eng. Lawrence De Freitas
Eng. Cavallo Sebastien
Eng. Peter Sammy
Mr. Hugh Gaskin
Mr. George Sampson
Mr. Anthony Ramsumair
Mr. Roopnarine Beeka
Mr. Narine Charran
Mr. John Phillip
Mr. Chad Lue Choy

Structures Code

Eng. Richard Clarke (Chairman)
Eng. Anthony Farrell
Eng. Jeffrey Phillips
Eng. Zanim Ali
Eng. Errrol Rampaul
Eng. Mark Francois
Eng. Kevin Granger
Eng. Keith Sirju
Mr. Darryl Thomson
Mr. Richard Fulchan

Plumbing Code

Eng. Jean Picchiottino
Miss Carol Dos Santos
Mr. Renny Bharath
Mr. Isaiah Pardais
Miss Kala Trebouhansingh
Eng. Ronald Grant
Eng. Ronald Layne
Mr. Carl Stephenson
Mr Earl Williams
Mr. Desmond Haynes
Mr. Eugene Haynes
Mr. Anthony James
Mr. Francis Pierre
Mr. Darryl Thomson
Mr. Mikhail Ramnarine

Committee on which the Board has named Registered Engineers
to collaborate with the Association of Professional Engineers of T&T -

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Eng. Dr. Fasil Muddeen (Chairman)
Eng. Prof. Winston Mellowes
Eng. Simon Westcott
Eng. Hollis Eversley
Eng. Jerry Medford

Registered Engineer named to serve on the OSHA Board -

Eng. Alfred Phillip


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