Changes In Fees

The Board of Engineering advises of the following changes in its fee structure:

Application Fees

Current: $200.00

Registration Fees

With Traditional Stamp: $850.00
With Self-Inking Stamp: $1200.00


Cost of Traditional Stamp: $200.00
Cost of Self-Inking Stamp: $600.00


The current Practice Fees are as follows:

Members of APETT: $700.00
Non APETT: $825.00
Retired Persons: 50% of the above
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In accordance with the governing Act, applicants for registration must satisfy the Board of Engineering of Trinidad and Tobago (BOETT) that their degrees are recognised and accredited and that they have at least four years of engineering experience after graduation.

Important Announcement for Applicants

All persons whose eligibility for registration with the Board commences in January 2015 must provide evidence of “further learning”, in addition to an accredited Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Further learning may be attained by an appropriate, recognised Master’s degree or an accumulation of similar type academic knowledge.

Applicants graduating prior to 2009 or those who hold a degree which is accredited to chartered engineering status will not be affected.

Application Form:


Completion of Application for Registration

Please be advised that an application for registration is only complete when the ‘Application for Registration’ form, duly signed and dated, is returned to the offices of the Board of Engineering of Trinidad and Tobago together with:-

1. Fees 

The non-refundable Application Fee of TT$200.00 (or US $30.00 for overseas-based applicants);

2. Evidence of Qualifications

Acceptable supporting evidence of qualifications and professional organization(s) membership (where applicable) - originals and one copy each. The copies will be noted as “original seen” and the originals will be returned to the applicant at the time of presentation. An appropriately certified copy of the originals would suffice for overseas applicants;

3. Statements from Sponsors

Statements from two sponsors, duly signed and dated, attesting to specifics of tasks performed that would now enable the applicant to undertake, on his/her own, engineering work of a professional standard in his/her field.  This information must come from the personal knowledge of the sponsors.

Sponsors are advised that they are required to provide an evaluation of the applicant’s work.  Statements prepared by applicants and simply signed/endorsed by Sponsors will not be accepted.

Of particular relevance would be actual tasks performed on various assignments detailing:-


  • creative or original inputs at a professional level contributing to an engineering solution or resolution;
  • design, investigation, reporting, diagnostic analysis and solution finding, and problem solving of a professional nature;
  • specification preparation and documentation;
  • preparation of detailed ‘scope of works’ and terms of reference; and
  • research leading to innovative developments in engineering design and methods requiring original thought and judgement and reporting thereof.


Of less relevance would be experience gained by performing:-


  • routine standard quality control testing, measurement and assessment for product acceptability;
  • routine maintenance, monitoring and performance; and
  • lecturing or teaching of a ‘non original’ nature.

A sample of a suggested format in which this information may be submitted is provided below.

The statements are to be confidential and submitted in sealed envelopes so marked. Where it is not possible for the applicant to obtain the detailed statements from sponsors who are Registered Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago, the applicant should provide a written explanation of why this is so and also include his/her own written statement of the information required above. In such circumstances, the applicant would normally be required to attend an interview at which he/she would need to provide supporting evidence and/or samples (drawings, designs, calculations, reports, etc.) of work that he/she has actually done since graduation.

Applicants for Registration as Structural Engineers

With respect to the Registered Structural Engineer, the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, Designs Branch, has begun to enforce, more stringently, adherence to the Codes of Practice and Material Standards that they require engineers to use.   As part of the assessment process, we will now require that applicants wishing to be registered as Structural Engineers provide proof that they have worked with these Codes and Standards and are capable of applying them.

To this end, applicants for Registration as Structural Engineers will be required to submit fully detailed drawings and calculations for projects in structural steel (over 35 feet in height) and reinforced concrete where these Codes and Standards have been used.  Buildings must be designed as being in Seismic Design Category D based on IBC 2003, 2006, 2009 or 2012.

Applicants may also be required to be interviewed by a suitably constructed panel where they can be questioned on their submissions.

All Other Applicants

All other applicants should further note that they may be required to attend an interview in advance of which they would need to provide the Board with examples of work actually performed by them since graduation - such as drawings, designs, calculations, reports, etc. The work would need to be of a professional nature under the supervision of a Registered Engineer of Trinidad and Tobago or other suitably qualified professional engineer.

Applicants who are required by the Board to attend interviews would be informed accordingly.





Professional Duties

Evaluation of Performance

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